Limited Lifetime Warranty

What Is Covered:
The following components are covered with proper installation.

WindowCandles Candlesticks:
If the candlestick stops working.

Mounting Clips:
If a mounting clip breaks, or does not fit properly.

Decorative Bases:
If your decorative base gets broken, cracked, or becomes tarnished.

If the transformer fails to work due to a manufacturer’s defect. If the transformer fails due to an installation error, there is a $45 repair charge (shipping included).

Residential and Commercial Use:
Installations in both applications are warranted.

The WindowCandles system is warranted only if properly installed. WindowCandles yellow wiring and our WindowCandles transformers are required for any warranty coverage.

What Is Not Covered:
Certain items and circumstances are excluded from warranty coverage.

WindowCandle Bulbs:
Our lifetime warranty does not cover bulbs, however, bulbs are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of installation. Replacement bulbs are available in seven different colors and sold in packs of five.

Broken Candlesticks:
The warranty does not include replacement of broken candles due to misuse or abuse.

Acts of Nature & Abuse:
We do not warranty our products against abuse, misuse, improper installation & acts of nature, such as a power surge, lightning strike, or other calamity. Individual replacement items can be ordered.

Not Using All System Components:
Not using WindowCandles yellow wiring and transformers voids the warranty on the system and its individual components.

Our warranty covers parts only. If there are installation issues, please contact your Authorized WindowCandles Contractor or Dealer.


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